Return of the War God Chapter 4548 English MTL: :You think too much (2024)


Great Nirvana Dragon God Formation!

That was the battle formation created by the old fat man in order to deal with the devouring leader who was chasing after him.

At that time, two peerless ancient soldiers, the big dragon halberd and the big iron stick on the body of the little fat man, were used as the source, combined with the power of the Great Soul Sage of Nirvana and the heart of the battle formation.

Now although the little fat man is no longer there, only the Great Dragon Halberd is left, but compared to the Universal Illumination Realm at that time, Ye Wuque is now in the Great Sun Realm Great Perfection, and I don’t know how much the power of the Soul is overpowering, so this Great Dragon Divine Array Now that the cast has started, its power has not decreased but increased.

In the face of countless Jiuyou soldiers rushing and killing, Ye Wuque would not be so stupid that he would go up and kill with the big dragon halberd.

Although it is indeed like cutting melons and vegetables, it takes too much time.

It's better to leave this great nirvana dragon formation and get all the Jiuyou warriors in to play slowly.

And his immediate priority is naturally...

call out!

The figure of Ye Wuque who had recovered the dragon halberd disappeared from the place, and when he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of the broken mountain.

Within it, Wuxu's body, who was struggling half of his body from the inlaid mountain body, suddenly stagnated! !

I was too scared to move!

At the same time, endless fear and unbelievable meaning surged in Wu Xu's eyes.

The power of the battle formation that encompassed heaven and earth in the distance boiled endlessly, covering all the Jiuyou soldiers in it.

Heartbreaking desperate roar!

The tearing sound of stumps and broken arms!

The crackling sound of the terrifying dragon!

All of this made Wu Xu feel an unprecedented fear and incomprehension.

What is the power? ?

Can actually suppress countless Nine Nether Warriors?

But Wuxu was too late to think, it wailed in pain, because its neck was held by a white and slender palm, and then this hand pulled Wuxu's whole body out of the broken mountain like a carrot. , Just so carried in the void.

Wu Xu struggled frantically, trying to open Ye Wuque's palm, but its struggle was so ridiculous and feeble.

Ye Wuque was carrying Wuxu like a little chicken, and he left in one direction at an extremely fast speed, leaving only the Great Nirvana Dragon God Formation that was still boiling.

Ye Wuque knew clearly that without the big dragon halberd and without him personally presiding over it, this great nirvana dragon formation was like becoming a sourceless water, which could only last an hour or so before it would self-destruct and dissipate.

But for Ye Wuque, this is enough!

Because even if there was only one hour, it was enough to make countless Jiuyou soldiers pay the price, blood flowed into a river, floating corpses millions of miles.

It is foreseeable that the Jiuyou fighters at the lower level of the Jiuyou must be greatly injured this time!

And leaving Jiuyou and returning to the territories of the Haijiaoguan human race was what Ye Wuque should do most at the moment.

Being in Jiuyou, even if it is only the lower level, the longer the time, the more uncertain factors there will be, and there must be no accidents.

The wailing behind him became inaudible.

Ye Wuque's speed was extremely fast, carrying Wu Xu through the void like lightning.

Now that his cultivation base has broken through, his speed has naturally increased too much. Under his full attack, he has already surpassed the past and I don't know how much.

at last.

When Ye Wuque came to a dim void, his figure stopped.

Looking at this piece of heaven and earth, Ye Wuque finally focused his gaze on a void in front of him.

There, it is where the Jiuyou Gate leading to Haijiaoguan is located!

Before, Ye Wuque lurked on a Jiuyou warrior from here, and then entered Jiuyou.

Now, if you want to leave, you naturally need to go back the same way.

At this moment, the power of the soul was radiating, and Ye Wuque could clearly feel that although there was nothing in this void, there was actually a huge portal, which was only temporarily closed.

But Wu Xu, who was carried by Ye Wuque in his hand, as if being carried along the way like a little chicken, showed a suddenly realized look at this moment, and then turned into a cold sneer and mockery.

It breathed out and said, "I know why you caught me here! Hahahaha!!"

"You want to force me to ask how to open the exit to Cape Pass, right?"

"Do you want to escape back to human territory?"

"Hahahaha!! You die this heart!! Let me tell you!! There is no way!! The energy of this outlet has been exhausted, it must be replenished for half a year before it can be reopened!"

"That is to say, you will be trapped in Jiuyou, although you are powerful, sooner or later an adult from the upper level of Jiuyou will come again! You will not live long! Hahahaha!

Wu Xu laughed wildly, even burst into tears.

Ye Wuque stared at it indifferently, did not speak, just lifted it in the void again.

Upon seeing this, Wu Xu laughed louder!

"Hahahahaha! What? Do you want to torture me?? Hahaha! Come on! Even if you kill me, I will..."

"The vast and merciful light!"

The indifferent words slowly reverberated, and a colorful brilliance turned out, with a kind of compassion and brilliance, lit up from the back of Ye Wuque's head, directly covering Wu Xu's head.

Wu Xu's body shook suddenly and began to tremble crazily!


You think too much.

At this moment, Ye Wuque had no intention of torture, nor did he intend to use the Nine Dragons to bind the sky lock. That would be a waste of time. Instead, he directly displayed the vast benevolent light in the "Miracle Lianhua Du Cihang".

Directly surrender Wuxu, transform its soul into its own soul slave.

Simple and rude.

complete in one step.


"No!! No!! What is this?? What power is this..."

Wu Xu trembled crazily, desperately trying to struggle, but its ridiculous soul power was as fragile as an ant under the power of Ye Wuque's great sun realm great perfection.

Just two breaths of time...

Wu Xu's violently trembling body slowly became calm, and when the vast and loving light that enveloped his head was removed, the colorful halo behind Ye Wuque's head also disappeared.

Wu Xu's face reappeared, but he looked at Ye Wuque, with a touch of piety and fanaticism on his face, and he bowed directly to Ye Wuque!

"Wuxu see the master!"

Upon seeing this, Ye Wuque nodded inwardly.

For a long time, I have not performed the trick of "Magic Lotus Crossing the Kind Air". This time I was lucky and succeeded.

The main reason is that the power of his soul has surpassed Wuxu too much, otherwise it will definitely fail.

"Tell me how to reopen the gate to Haijiaoguan Jiuyou."

Ye Wuque asked directly.

Na Wuxu immediately replied: "In reply to the master, it is almost impossible to reopen the gate of Jiuyou now."

"the reason."

Ye Wuque frowned.

"Every time the gate of Jiuyou Black Hole is opened, it actually needs strength to maintain, and even more power is needed. After the previous battle, the energy of the gate of Jiuyou has actually been exhausted. If you want to open it again, you need to replenish energy."

"The energy source is the Nine Nether Origin Aura, which takes time but is slowly absorbed. This process takes almost half a year to refill."

After becoming a servant of the soul, Wu Xu immediately knew that everything was endless.

After Ye Wuque listened, his eyes flashed suddenly and sharply.

"What if you want to speed up the replenishment?"

"Then you need the extremely pure Nine Nether Origin Aura, the more pure, the faster it will be added."

Wu Xu answered immediately.

Hearing this, Ye Wuque looked at the void in front of him, glanced at the Nine Nether Origin Aura that enveloped him again, and slowly smiled.

If you switch to other creatures here, I am afraid that you will really be desperate and can only wait for half a year.

But he is different!

The pure essence of Jiuyou?

With the power of chaos, it is simply as pure as the essence of the Nine Nethers, as much as you want!

Seeing Ye Wuque stepped out in one step, he came directly to the void, and put his right hand out, pressing on the void.

In the next instant, the power of chaos all over his body evolves extremely rapidly, running at full capacity.

The original breath of the endless nine netherworlds suddenly appeared out of nowhere, gathered together, to the point where it was almost unimaginable!

The void held by Ye Wuque's right hand suddenly trembled, and then cracked a foot-sized crack, and began to madly swallow these Nine Nether Origins!

At the same moment!

The upper level of Jiuyou.

The Jiuyou army, who had just withdrawn from Tianyaguan, was like a mourning concubine.

At the forefront, the Black Bone Emperor held a throbbing **** brilliance in his hands, showing grief on his face!

The Jade Miehuang on the side looked grim and murderous! !

But immediately it suddenly remembered something, its eyes turned scarlet, and its suffocation rushed to the sky, and then gritted its teeth at the two Jiuyou royal families on the side: "You are on the upper level, go to the lower level, and give the **** human race Ye Wuque to the emperor Find it out!! Then bring it here, the emperor will strip him alive!"

"Follow the emperor's order!!"

The two Jiuyou royal clans immediately took their orders, and they disappeared in place with a flash, one searching for the upper level, and the other to the lower level.

And these two Jiuyou royal families are two genuine legendary existences, two quasi-kings!

Just a few breaths.

The legendary quasi-king who went to the lower level came to the front of the Jiuyou Bulwark and stepped directly into it.

Next moment.

Its figure appeared in the lower layer.

The speed is as fast as teleportation!

I don't know how many times it has surpassed the legendary realm for half a step!

Return of the War God Chapter 4548 English MTL: :You think too much (2024)
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